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Who runs the world? I can tell you who runs the west: they are globalists and zionists, backed by powerful multinational corporate interests. These constitute what is known as the transnational elite; they wish to develop a transnational democracy or one-world government, a universal nation that transcends all individual particularities. This process of coming together is called "globalization," conceived of as an organic process, the culmination of the western drive for ideological uniformity. This they hope to accomplish by waging war against the traditional western nation-state, transforming previously homogeneous cultures into miniature versions of the UN. Thus, national sovereignty will be replaced by a multicultural ideological framework sustained by the oxygen of massive 3rd world immigration. A universal nation ruled by a cosmopolitan elite requires universal egalitarianism; the major obstacle to the realization of this goal is the continued persistence of the white western nations; these must be brought to the level of the lowest common denominator or "3rd worldized." By destroying the white western nations from within, erasing their shared ethno-national identities and undermining social cohesion, they hope to build the ultimate neo-feudal system, where all men are truly equal but some more equal than others (such as the richest 1%).

Of course, the transnationalist utopia will never become a reality; it will, in all probability, result in bloody chaos. However, given the fanaticism of the globalists, the whole world must be destroyed in order to achieve their dreams of universal human equality. Like the French revolutionary aims of the late eighteenth century, it is all or nothing.