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In rational terms,the world runs all people who live in this world,bud question is: for whom they runs the world?
Well,we have great organizing piramide structure who have key word with all people in the world.
They are egoistic but clever people within evry nation and they belive that they work for the better world and use slogans like "freedom","equality","brotherhood",but they don't understant race question,they didn't thinking about history of civilization and history in global.
I would love ask they a some questions:
Who is nation who survivor thousand of years and why?
Are you work for this nation if you suport usurying with your people?
Are you know who is the winner in this game?
Would you though work for your people?

The agony is that the people who are clever work for jews interests,and certain jewish interests is that they continue control white elite (highly educated people) and old jew tactics is divide and conquer with all people (goym). The examples with divide en conquer tactics is jewish French revolution,Bolshevik revolution,ww1,ww2..etcc. and what is result?
Many white people killed,and destroyed psihyc,and victory goes to white corrupt elite and jews in global because,their elite work for their race,state,nation and religion=ideology of blood,ground and nation.

If you catch elite with one nation,this nation will be destroyed !
The big victory is when you enemy accept your game !