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Originally Posted by Joe_Smith View Post
You've got to be kidding me.

I like Arnold in some ways, but he's no example to follow. The entire Venice beach body building culture is a degenerate scam Jews like Joe Gold and Joe Wieder invented to sell their useless supplements and subvert Western ideas of masculinity.

Joe Wieder was a predator. A lot of the guys on his payroll were from poor and humble origins looking for a way out through this hobby. At one point , Wieder started making all of the people on his roster take synthetic hormones and drugs like dianobol and deca as if they were guinea pigs, this would later on cause horrific health consequences on these men. Nowadays millions of young men are fucking up their organs or even dying by taking that shit, trying to emulate example of media romanticized figures like Arnold.

Fitness, as promoted by programs in NS Germany, are an ideal goal to aspire to. Most of the young men who are "gym rats" these days, though, aren't in it to be fit, strong and healthy, they're motivated by the short cut to perceived peer respect and trashy slutty women obsessive body building brings you. Arnold and his peers on Muscle Beach were taking lots of drugs (aside from steroids), catching every STD in the book, and just acting like typical dirtbags.

That amazing will power and discipline Arnold channeled into weight lifting would've been far better used in better ways than being the poster boy of some Kike looking to rip people off and metrosexualize Western culture. But I guess that's what Jews are, they want talented and capable people to direct it towards being a plastic idiot that makes Jews money over something that could hurt Jews.
There was a great writer, Paul Fussell. He taught at Pomona, actually. He had a son named Sam Fussell. Sam was a scrawny bookworm. He got into weightlifing very seriously, and nearly died from it. He wrote a book about it - worth reading. It details the disturbing culture of drugs and narcissism.