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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
It's an old trick by the media, really. It's all about ratings. Putting people like your friend Coni the weather brat on Talmudvision is all about ratings. Never mind if anything they are saying is true or not.

Dirty Laundry by Don Henley [News Parody]
Right on , dude . .

Television has nothing to do with people , it has to do with the ratings . . As was stated here . .

Wow . .

Television truly is a state power similar to judicial and executive . .

Just that many people are 'lulled' by it . .

lol . .

As for Coni , you're right ,as I already said in the 'hot summers' thread ,I admit that optically she may be eye-candy yet concerning character she is a total brat . .

Hmmmm . .I wonder if such people are even PREFERRED today ? ?

And I even wouldn't exclude the possibilty that she 'slept herself up the ladder' as an old saying goes . .

You know what I mean . .

That would befit her character . .

That stinky little bitch . .