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Originally Posted by Ray Allan View Post
I feel like I opened Pandora's Box by posting the video of Coni in the Hot Summers thread.
Your feeling does not deceive you I suppose . .

Sometimes the human feeling can be 'stronger' than thoughts.

Or to use the Star Wars slang . .

Your posting of her vid may be called an accident . . .

Yet . . again using Star Wars slang . .

Hmmmm . . .

Kind of strange though that "buten un binnen"'s resident weather slut found her way to fame on a non-German YouTube channel . .

No beef with you , I admit , optically she is a hot-ass-brat , yet concerning character . . .

Oh well, here is Nicole Kidman and Gillian Anderson.

Didn't Kidman play that shrink on 'Batman Forever'?

Yummy, yummy . . .

As for 'Gilli'. . .


Since you happen to live in Nevada , may I ask , is Area 51 in your proximity ?

As for me . . to me it is scary enough that I have 'Coni' in my proximity . . .