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Originally Posted by Tyrone White View Post
Post link to the case that says this.
I believe it's this one, Red Lion vs. the FCC:

There are a few others but the gist is that if you are personally attacked and ask for rebuttal time, and the station refuses, they are in the wrong.

And it reads like this, from the case section of the justia site:

""Personal attacks; political editorials."
"(a) When, during the presentation of views on a controversial issue of public importance, an attack is made upon the honesty, character, integrity or like personal qualities of an identified person or group, the licensee shall, within a reasonable time and in no event later than 1 week after the attack, transmit to the person or group attacked(1) notification of the date, time and identification of the broadcast; (2) a script or tape (or an accurate summary if a script or tape is not available) of the
Page 395 U. S. 374
attack, and (3) an offer of a reasonable opportunity to respond
over the licensee's facilities."

^^So when they bring up 'White Nationalism' and use the term 'Nazi' and what-not to conjure up images in the minds of people, or bring up 'hate' and so on, or Charlottesville or 'skinheads' or whatever--this is definable as just such a situation where the law applies.
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