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Tomasz Winnicki

It was my idea. I shall explain.

PM to Varg and Alex:

Originally Posted by Tomasz Winnicki
So I was having some fun bickering with antis here http://www.lfpress.com/2014/08/23/fe...brown-shooting

As things developed, one James Stewart posted a list of Black (actually mostly highly bleached mulattoes) inventions. LMAO!!! It even listed peanut butter and the doorknob It also included some I never heard of before like curtain rod and curtain rod support Funny, funny shit.

I was so yearning to give it to him but as usual they closed down commenting . Actually I'm quite surprised the LFP let so many of my unPC, outright racist comments to stand. They might delete them later though. Anyway, I'd would like to start inviting some of those antis to one-on-one duels on VNN. Could you crate a subforum within the Opposition forum called One-on-One Duels or something like that just for this purpose? Rules would be simple, regular VNN rules + only two people are allowed to post in the threads but anyone can vote in polls. Maybe just maybe some of them can be reprogrammed, if not, at least it will have a demoralizing effect on our enemies. Even regular VNNers can use it for personal squabbles. What do you think?
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