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Seems Claud Henri Smoot is aware of my challenge but too cowardly to come here to debate me one-on-one. However, he will bicker with me at the London Free Press comments threads. Just look how dumb our opposition is.

Continued from the comments thread (now closed down) of the second link.
Tomasz Winnicki:
I know how to use the google search engine. But what you don't seem to comprehend is that google is not equivalent to the websites of mainstream media in Canada. Again, when the story of the murders of Channon and Chris broke out, I went to the websites of most Canadian mainstream media outlets and searched for news regarding those murders and I found NOTHING.
Claud Henri Smoot:
Clearly you don't because if you did you would find links to websites that have stories from that time frame.
Mr. Smoot, you still don't seem to understand. I shall try to explain it to you once again. When I went to the aforementioned Canadian news websites, I used their own search features specific to their own sites. If their own search engines find no articles regarding the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom then google will list no links linking to those specific sites either. Google will list links to other sites (usually American) but not to those mainstream Canadian media sites which I have searched, because NONE of them reported on the story. Understand?

However, I just used the google search engine to search for "Channon Christian Christopher Newsom" with the search limited to specific Canadian news sites. Here are the results: - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - ZERO links. - 3 links, essentially to the same article, only in French, appeared more than 1 year after the story broke out, more about Britney Spears than the murders. So no, it does not count.

Do you see how I'm right and you are wrong? Without a shadow of a doubt, ALL of the mainstream media in Canada has given the silent treatment to the viciously brutal, kidnapping, tortures, rapes and murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. The questions now are: who are the people who made the decision not to report on this very significant event, who do they really work for and what is their agenda?
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