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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post

I enjoyed reading that. I found the following particularly relevant:

"White Nationalists, despite our professed elitism, tend to be very, very indulgent of mental illness. Perhaps that is because we know that the establishment paints us all as crazy, so we are loath to make distinctions. But we can and must make distinctions. White Nationalists would be crazy not to get depressed from time to time, given how genuinely depressing our situation is. But no serious movement can afford to depend on people with serious mental illnesses and personality disorders like schizophrenia, manic depression, paranoia, narcissism, etc.

We may feel compassion or affection for such people. They may have talents and money. They may want to do their part for the cause. There is no need to be mean to them. But we can’t afford to depend on them, much less place them in positions of trust and responsibility. In 2010, I learned at great cost the folly of associating with manic depressive types and histrionic narcissists, and I have distanced myself from all such people".

I spent a decade in organizational White Nationalism (pre-Internet), and the nutbar ratio, at least at that time, was always far too high. Any one of a hundred stories I could tell would leave you shaking your head.

Nothing I have seen online makes that seem any less true today.
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