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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson
As I never tire of reminding you, White Nationalists are a tiny, voiceless, powerless, despised minority. We are poorly funded, poorly organized, and poorly led. Our enemies control the greatest instruments of propaganda and coercion in history. We cannot beat them with violence. In fact, they need us to commit violence. They feed on violence, which is why they manufacture violence to blame on us.

Then they don't need us to commit violence. If they manufacture blame anyway, there's no safety in abstention. You undercut your own argument.

Originally Posted by Brown Johnson
My friends will no doubt interpret the following as a mere rationalization for the pathological squeamishness of a grown man who still covers his eyes when something violent happens on the screen. But attend to my arguments. I think they are sound.
You make a lot of good observations, but then you interlace it with some really goofy shit. Tell the truth. . .was it Shrek the Third?