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Donnie in Ohio
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Donnie in Ohio

Generally, I see things headed in the right direction for our cause.

The changing financial/economic realities and undeniably shifting racial demographics have more than a few White people (of all classes) existing in a constant state of apprehension. These are those bright enough to play out the next 50 years in their heads if current observable trends continue.

It remains to be seen if the future face of White Nationalism will be conservative in nature or revolutionary.

White conservatives accept Jews, the White revolutionaries don't. In a very real way, that question is being answered on the Internet, in discussion forums like this one.

As for violence, all governments throughout history have feared popular uprisings.

We have been engaged in two wars for over a decade. That means millions of Whites (and non-Whites) under the age of 50 have military training.

I'm sure there are some sleepless nights over the fact.

I've long thought that our best hope for true leadership will emerge from the White veterans of the "Israel First" wars in Iraq & Afghanistan.
"When US gets nuked and NEMO is uninhabitable, I will make my way on foot to the gulf and live off red snapper and grapefruit"- Alex Linder