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Sure, a well trained group could access and hammer a few rpgs into an appropriate group to make a point that would set them aflap. But would that win the war?

With violence, we're constrained by laws of physics that say for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. And certainly anyone or any group will who commits violence will be faced with greater violence and retribution from the status quo.

Mass actions have more power, as they indicate the mood of the public. I'm watching what's happening in Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East for what we can learn about overthrowing oppressive dictators, such as we have in our Jewish masters.

Even without the internet or phones now, they're still going on battling their governments which are mostly propped up puppets for the globalist elite who rob nations of their wealth and leave little if anything for the actual population of the land.

As the wise Warrior Sun Tzu said, "The best wars are won without fighting". So using non violent, or limited violence tactics seems wise in my view.

We need to face we're few in numbers, and there's millions who have been and are being conditioned to hate anything that can be tied to White power or White privilege.

I'd recommend keeping the AK in the closet and improve one's debating skills.

If one notices how the Jews are perpetuating violence against us, they do not commit physical violence, they do their violence through non violent and political means, to the point they nearly have the whole thing sewn up. When they do violence, they set one group against another, while they sit or stand on the sidelines, making commentary and money from both sides.