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It remains to be seen if the future face of White Nationalism will be conservative in nature or revolutionary.

White conservatives accept Jews, the White revolutionaries don't. In a very real way, that question is being answered on the Internet, in discussion forums like this one.

As JOG resorts increasingly on police state tactics and making it harder to make a living by playing by their rules, you will begin to see more Whites resist in small ways that may not seem all that important at first. But once these people step over the line, between recognizing or denying the legitimacy of their JOG-led government, they just made a profound decision, whether they see themselves as White Nationalists or not.

Most WN conservatives are nothing more than arm-chair intellectuals, whereas many WN revolutionaries are dreamers. They both, however, have one thing in common, the illusion that they, and those that agree with them, will come to the rescue of the White Race when the time is "right". Thankfully, the internet will keep them both occupied while the real work of taking back our White nations will be done by practical people, face to face, block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood.

No grand battle plan is needed, nor any lengthy discourse on where White Nationalism stands on any given issue. Just remind those around you that White Racial Loyalty, and its Golden Rule,

"What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is the bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin",

is our road back to sanity.

We can only speculate as to how each White locality will resolve the everyday issues facing them as they start taking back their lives, just let them deal with their situation as they see fit. I have seen some areas where community efforts, like suppling the local children with school supplies bring Whites together for bigger and better things; and I have also seen areas where a local JOG collaborator is disappeared, as a lesson to others, who dare to go down that road.

Remember, all politics is local, and that is where the battle will be won.