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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Linder writes:
Johnson makes a rhetorical and political mistake in continuing to insist that we are few and powerless. The correct position is that we, not the jews, speak for the White community, and the minute their control mechanisms fail, they will taste the other side of the sword.
I don't see how these two positions are incompatible. We are few and powerless, and yet we do represent the objective interests of whites, and this will become apparent when when (not if) the existing control mechanisms break down.

Kevin Strom made a very valuable point in one of his talks: whites have only realized maybe a faction of a percent of our potential for racial consciousness. Jews, however, are operating at 99 percent of their capacity to keep that fraction from growing. It follows, therefore, that we might only need to see small gains on our side before their capacity to control us is overwhelmed, and then things could get out of their hands (and into our hands) very quickly.

I used to think the enemy paranoid and prone to over-reaction, but now I don't: they know just how tenuous their grip on power is, which is why they react so stridently to every little provocation, lest it be the spark that reaches the powder keg.
An excellent observation. It's a reworking of the more general observation that revolutions happen in a split-second--the day before, everyone deeming it impossible, the day after, all proclaiming it to have been a certainty all along.

But this isn't a digital world, with but two states of being. The result of such revolutionary change can be a re-working of the old conditions with the same bunch in charge and the people even worse-off, see Russia for a modern example.

Last night, I dusted-off my copy of The Solzhenitsyn Reader and read his brief missive "Russia in Collapse" from the late-90s. It's fascinating reading for an American, as his description of the general state of Russian society and top-down pressure upon everyday Russians parallels today's American condition almost exactly.

There's a great danger in this notion of "We're on the right side; this will be borne out in time." It's the "conservative" magic sky-judge conceit. While the former may be true, the latter never, ever works out that way absent positive action.

Or to put it another way, if you don't stand up to a bully, you get everything you deserve.