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Originally Posted by Greg Johnson View Post
Linder writes:
Johnson makes a rhetorical and political mistake in continuing to insist that we are few and powerless. The correct position is that we, not the jews, speak for the White community, and the minute their control mechanisms fail, they will taste the other side of the sword.
I don't see how these two positions are incompatible. We are few and powerless, and yet we do represent the objective interests of whites, and this will become apparent when when (not if) the existing control mechanisms break down.
Sure, but when you keep saying how weak and few and powerless we are...you start running the risk someone's going to believe you. We ain't that few, and we ain't that weak. And that's not the way to play it, anyway. We have a lot of latent strength and support, which is Strom's point, as you're saying. As Ron from Virginia likes to say, in the most significant ways Whites are already WN - they never left. In their most intimate decisions, who to marry, where to live, they show they are WN at heart, if not in their votes or public speech. So I think the right way to play it is not that we are few and weak but that we are many and growing, and all Whites should join us because only we represent their interests - and their behavior shows they already know this.

I used to think the enemy paranoid and prone to over-reaction, but now I don't: they know just how tenuous their grip on power is, which is why they react so stridently to every little provocation, lest it be the spark that reaches the powder keg.
There have been two mainstream political events in my lifetime that showed just how close to the surface their fear is: Duke's near election to senate, and the reaction to Pat Buchanan's culture wars speech. The amount of condensed, repeated lying about the latter was a 24-hour PhD program in the actual workings of democracy - the way the actual happenings of the world are consistenly and reliably and deliberately misrepresented and misinterpreted to serve the jewish agenda. And that with PB being nowhere near an open WN position, merely hinting at some kind of cultural cleave! The real thing would have the media going absolutely bonkers with hysteria.

They know damn well anyone pitching our program who was treated anywhere remotely close to fairly would win going away, and that is why they are so spittingly hostile to anyone who even hints in our direction. That's also why they routinely set our people up, Matt Hale, Chester Doles and Edgar Steele for examples. That's also why I insist we need more than anything a core of fighters; army veterans who have the technics of physical defense down that could form an American SA to protect the real White leaders that will naturally evolve. The moment makes the man - there are plenty of Whites out there now who could provide everything our race needs in the way of leadership, and not a few of them, a lot of them. But what is not there is physical protection. The very existence of that force has a far more dramatic effect on the White population than any kind of media or vote - it attracts the women and awes the young men, and they are the ones who ultimately make our thing real. This is what these flatass PhDs never grasp, because they have spent their entire lives depressing a chair and their readers with their boring useless passivity. Our thing is not a vote, our thing is a fight. When we begin fighting back, all the unseen forces will rush in our favor. For once we will actually WIN, and it is the absence of winning that makes joining our cause a hard sell to people we've persuaded intellectually (a key point). Fortune favoring the bold is no myth, it is very real, whether you're starting a business, a website, or a political campaign. There is no need to precipitate violence today, which is how the enemy in our own ranks always misrepresent our serious discussions about violence, rather there is a need to deliberately build up a core of people with professional fighting skills who are committed to our doctrines.

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