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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

Good points, but here's what I'm driving at.

If you had a SHTF situation, where all is chaos and noise and confusion, and you have one solid White man rise up and say, this is what we're gonna do. They will all follow him. In that sense, the bulk of whites can't not be on our side - i believe. I could be wrong. But I honestly don't believe in a pinch any of that multicultural gibbish will have any residual power whatsoever. It's purely superficial.

That said, I agree on the implicitness - it's a neat concept but it doesn't really mean anything. In a day to day political scenario it's useless. "It is not enough that you believe, you must fight." So right there is a level even between implicit and explicit - persuaded. Persuaded but unwilling to act, out of fear, apathy, calculation.

I would say there are two things: turning whites (racial white people) into Whites - people who understand and agree with our cause, and are ready to be organized to fight for it. Right now the best we are able to do is to persuade people we are right, or at least move them down the curve of becoming familiar with and then accepting most or all of our arguments. We do that stuff well, judging by the growing number of sites and writers and open names pushing our positions.

As for organizing, we don't do that well, BUT, as i pretty much alone argue, that is not due to US, that is due to the enemy. The enemy is very well positioned, has the intelligence and the technical tools, to sniff out whatever we even think about doing and quash it often enough before it even gets going and always if it has got going. That is the fact, but the more dangerous fact is that this fact-the-first is not acknowledged by our side, whose "leaders" keep blaming us for things we didn't do but were done to us. Fear leads men to play make believe, but our cause cannot afford that, it must remain clear eyed and nose to the north wind at all costs.

Right now is the ideal time for a man with the background to start assembling veterans and cops and military people. I am not that man, for a number of reasons (background and shitty health). But I know in my bones as an analyst, now IS the time that such a group can begin to come together, with the right foresight, planning and system of checks. We have not spent the last ten years for naught, it has put us in position to make the next move, using us in the most general sense. It can be done, I am absolutely sure of that, and it can be today, now.

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