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Originally Posted by Ted Ferguson View Post
Meh. Weak and clunky. I also think the idea that a "solution" can be boiled down into a single phrase is unrealistic. However I also think that encapsulating and condensing the essence of certain ideas into a short phrase is useful.

The best I've found so far goes something like:

This boils down the heart of double standards and racism against white people; the idea that everyone is encouraged to have a sense of their racial/cultural identity, except if a white person does it, it is taken as explicit proof of their racism. This phrase was one of the reasons why I was recently banned from Bleeping Computer, and others should be encouraged to use it online, as it illustrates much of what white people must contend with and is as innocuous and "non-racist" a statement as one could find. Despite that, it makes niggers and their Handlers unhappy.
Your solution is pointing out a double standard? And because you pointed it out, it will just magically resolve itself and our problems go away?

Whining about double standards and unfairness is conservatism. It never has worked or will work.

It's also wrong because it doesnt mention the jew behind it all, thus it plays into the average mental gimp's false notion there's some kind of eternal and just God floating above us who will intercede and make things right. There isn't. We have an an enemy, and it's us or (((him))). As my slogan makes clear.

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