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Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
How about:

White genocide is (((their))) plan; a new faith is the solution.

Nice and simple.

To clarify:

White genocide is (((their))) plan (Jews and most Christians and Marxists/Liberals/Etc.); a new faith to replace/supplement/takeover the Church is the solution.

My blog elaborates:

A Nationalist Faith and Church

The Church of England has allowed Pagan hours outside Christian hours:
Church of England creating 'pagan church' to recruit members - The Telegraph

Richard Dawkins has referred to himself as a cultural Anglican:
Richard Dawkins admits he is a 'cultural Anglican' - The Telegrah

The next step is having the Church of England allow British nationalist sermons, outside Christian and Pagan hours. Then we'd basically have what the Jews have.


Mr Linder proposes that Jews shouldn't just be kicked out of our countries, but removed from the planet and universe once and for all lol, since every time they've been kicked out, they've returned.

I think the main reason the Jews kept returning is due to Christianity. The whole thing (Christianity) is a derivation of Jewish folklore, hence, Christians can never get enough of the Jews. They might have a negative reaction towards them from time to time (i.e. whenever their greed would get excessive in coordination with the ancient Monarchies who would work hand in hand with the Jews (using them as the default banking system) resulted in a pogrom and temporary expulsion), but on the whole, our Christinsanity nations always sought out the Jews and invited them back, since Judaism is the foundation of Christianity.

Give Whites something new for a change i.e. real history, science and philosophy, mixed with culture and nationalism, as the foundation of their new religion, and they'll make a clean break from Jews and their destructive offshoots (i.e. multiculturalism).

Anyways, I don't want to get into a debate about the details of this issue. I'll send Mr Linder some money for housing my 'work' here and in gratitude for his very hard hitting, cerebral podcasts I found inspiring, and then go about my way of trying to escape the cause, focus everything on money making, and one day hopefully return with a war chest of cash to fight for our people.
We just need jews dead. We need no new belief on our part. We should recognize, as I alone emphasize, that the reason we can't perceive/act on the only solution that can work is due to xtian morality and doctrines.