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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
We just need jews dead.
Well, all jews die eventually lol

Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post
We need no new belief on our part. We should recognize, as I alone emphasize, that the reason we can't perceive/act on the only solution that can work is due to xtian morality and doctrines.
The only problem I foresee is that there is no real "we". There's maybe a few dozen or so people who post on these forums and we can maybe muster a couple hundred for a rally or NPI conference. I know it sounds ridiculous, but without getting all the Anglican/Presbyterian and Lutheran churches to gut themselves of Jewish Christ-insanity and replace it with British and German nationalism respectively, then I think we'll be done in a couple of centuries.

A Christinsanitian is always a little plaything of the Jews, today in any event. (In the past, Jews used to be the playthings of Roman emperors and of the kings and queens of the nationalist monarchies that came after Rome fell. But today the latters are gone, while the former took full control. Presidents and Prime Ministers are only temporary, and do not come from/belong to any unified block. We need our block again.)

Jews probably occupy well over 50% of the positions at security agencies i.e. NSA, FBI, CIA, etc., (especially, I imagine, the higher up, mastermind positions of control)... they're well over 50% of billionaires (and are linked to the arms industry, military), ... and they do most of the nasty work of our civilization i.e. espionage. If they wanted to, I imagine, they could swing by and murder every single last poster here within about 24 hours, with great joy and ease (and probably get off scot-free by making the deaths look accidental; even if there was some suspicion, they could block all inquiry and no one would give a shit anyway).'

They're probably a chunk of the actual posters on forums such as these. The only way to displace them en mass, as I see it, would be to actually have our people congregating (at the places we traditionally did) and plot to reoccupy positions in the security agencies and the military so we can redirect our civilization. I don't think that's going to happen, but it's the only way forward IMO. We'd need someone like Her ridiculous feckless Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II to make the changes since She's Supreme Governor of the Anglican Church. If She doesn't do it, I fear everything will end with Her.

Charles is too much of a weak fag, and William may simply not give a shit (or even have a brain to be aware of the issues to do anything). Harry, despite once wearing a Nazi costume is dating a mulatto so we can soon hear from their large jowled kids about how all British descendant honkies should either stop reproducing or mate with a negro and continue following Jewish Christinsanity so that the majority of wealth can continue to remain in Jewish hands while what's left is transferred to the hapless blacks of Africa who will double in population there by 2050 (as they flood our countries), thanks in part to the sick disgusting vile Anglican Churches' missionary purpose over there in getting them to "go forth and multiply" ad infinitum (as the psychotic Roman Heeb book instructs) while being incapable of making themselves self-sufficient aside from the capacity to make more low IQd ugly Jeebus freaks (or Muhamaddian freaks). [I apologize to any member of the African community, especially since this is an American website, the African American community, or Christians for that matter, or members of the Islamic community who read that. I also apologize to any person who is ugly, like me lol . I deeply apologize, and hate myself and want to off-myself for saying that. I'm sorry. lol]

Whoooweeee lol.

I'd love to see most the Bibles burned, the churches redecorated, the sides of crucifixes hacksawed off on steeples and used as flag poles for the British flag in the UK and Dominions (the Episcopalians in America could hoist the American flag I guess), etc, etc. Without that, it's goodbye civilization - a total Jewish victory within a few more generations. Thanks for letting me make this post. That's all the gospel (good news) from me on this topic lol (for today, and hopefully forever; I'll try to let you know what I really think next time lol if I do post again).

Originally Posted by John Smithwick View Post
... go about my way of trying to escape the cause, focus everything on money making, and one day hopefully return with a war chest of cash to fight for our people.
That meant to have "" at the end of it. And I'll have to eventually follow my own advice (assuming I don't off-myself, or get-offed by the many who'd probably take salubrious joy in seeing me tortured for a year and then incinerated slowly alive until dead for saying things like the above).

BTW, do you ever fear or think about the likelihood that you'll be assassinated by Mossad or the NSA Mr Linder? You're obviously a target; although, I suppose, so is anyone who just happens to be keyboard commando-ing here lol.
True diversity is preserving all ethnic groups. We have a group identity to maintain. We ought to have spiritual community centers for us, to have closure for our history, celebrate our heritage & look to the future. National Folk Faith AFA CT

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