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Default The Trial of the Chicago Seven

I noticed previews for this film when I went to see A Call to Spy, and walked out, as I hate the damned previews like this. I will never see the film, partly because I lived it.

I remember the trial very well, and it was disgusting how the left used it and made a farce of the justice system. They shouted, swore, one member gave Buddhist chants while the prosecution was talking, Bobby Seale, the black, had to be gagged because he kept swearing and wouldn't shut the fuck up in court...TNB...I could go on. What we saw is exactly what Antifa is doing. Exactly.

Hoffmann and his gang kept charging antisemitism even though the Judge was Jewish. It seemed like these reds ran rings around the established order, and got their case thrown out on a technicality. Abbie Hoffmann was a first rate asshole, cheat, and eventually killed himself.

So, I can guarantee that, if you decide to accept this mission of watching the film, you'll see a very sanitized version and showing the noble left against the 'forces of reaction.' You will wade through some very high bullshit.

The time period was, like now, explosive and tense, although we seemed to have a more stable social order then. At least if a mob was burning down the city, the mayors would ask for troops and rioters got and there.
Daley was mayor of Chicago, hated by the left and seen as a kind of Nazi pig, although a corrupt political hack might be more accurate, which describes 90% of all Democrat mayors.

The anti-white hatred and nigger worship was very strong then, but it was more subdued, and very clearly a minority position in our society, although that was going to change. And, yes, the media was in the tank then, although then we did actually have some conservative press here and there.

But there was a sense of helplessness a lot of 'fed up' Americans had, since they hated people like the Chicago Seven, but they just got away with everything. It was a prosperous society, but not a very Jew-wise one.