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Default The Trial of the Chicago 7

Funny you refer to 'the Sasha Cohen character' when to me it's always going to be Abbie Hoffmann. He was a real radical, giving the finger to any kind of order. he wrote a book about the counterculture, Steal This Book, but of course he meant you to buy it, and it sold well.

He also passed himself off as a Playboy writer and went across Europe getting free meals in fancy restaurants since he was 'Mr. Playboy critic.' It showed the shallowness of a lot of culture, but he was stealing from people.

He died from an overdose of phenobarbital...150 capsules. Friends said it was a mistake, but obviously you don't mistake that many capsules.

Note how a lot of theses radicals kill themselves in the end.

Abbie will no doubt make a good, profitable movie, as a lot of old lefties and boomers see him like many do Che Guevara.