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Originally Posted by Antonius View Post
Please consider reading "The Fair Race's Darkest Hour" (by Cesar Tort)

Or at very least, please read "Rome vs Judea;Judea vs Rome" by Evropa Soberana (which is one of the essays included in "...Race's Darkest Hour..")

Cesar provides pdf copies of said texts (for free) on his "The West's Darkest Hour" site, link to site below (he presently has link to download pdf atop his site's main page):

P.S.- Thank you very much for creating The Learning College, I probably would've skipped actual college, had I known of this, and that's a tip of the proverbial iceberg. Life changing info!
I am liking this book. I am one third in.
I recommend people stick with it.

EDIT: I got up to the part where he says he doesn't care whether or not Greg Johnson is a homo. Well I guess Greg can babysit his kids in the ethnostate. Come guys, let's possibly loose our lives for an EthnoFagostate

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