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Judges Block Deportation of Knife Killer Migrant on ‘Human Rights’ Grounds

Jack Montgomery 23 Oct 2020

Judges have ruled an illegal migrant who stabbed a man to death after he was supposed to be deported can stay in Britain, citing his “human rights”.

The killer, a Sri Lankan man who can be identified at ‘GR’ due to the judges protecting his identity, came to Britain in 2002 aged 28 and lodged an asylum claim which was rejected as illegitimate. lodging an appeal against the decision, which was also rejected, and then another citing the Human Rights Act, which enshrines the Euorpean Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) in British law.

As bogus asylum seekers are not detained until their deportation can be arranged, however, he remained at large, and “committed a number of criminal offences following the refusal of his appeal” in the meantime, according to an Upper Tribunal judge.