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Italians are rioting and protesting against the draconian covid restrictions in Rome as well. People are furious, and some say that this is the beginning of the end for the despicable (((Conte regime))), although personally I'm not that optimistic.

And even if this government were to collapse, the globalist jews would never let the Italians vote; they would just appoint another unelected jew-lackey, like they did with Mario Monti, Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni.
Here's an RT article about the anti-government protests in Rome:

Fireworks vs. batons: Italian far-right clash with riot police over ‘dictatorship’ of Covid-19 rules (VIDEO)

25 Oct, 2020 08:57

Street battles erupted in central Rome overnight as Italian police dispersed a group of 200 far-right demonstrators, who staged a violent protest against the government’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Skirmishes erupted shortly after midnight and were focused around Rome’s iconic Piazza del Popolo. The square was supposed to host a rally organized by the Fuerza Nova party, which its leadership promised to be a peaceful act of civil disobedience against “health dictatorship and curfews”.

According to local media, the promise was broken by masked protesters at around midnight. A firework in the colors of the Italian flag was launched in the air, apparently serving as a signal to attack riot police with pyrotechnics and other projectiles. Clashes ensued, during which law enforcement pushed the demonstrators out of the square. Some fighting also happened around Piazza Trilussa.

And here's a video from the anti-government protests in Naples:

Italians are fed up with the crooked, unelected, globalist, anti-Italian jew-puppet Giuseppe Conte and his despicable administration.