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Stewart Meadows

I think that the website Destroy Zionism was one of the first (and few) English-language media outlets that spotlighted Marian Radetzki's anti-Swedish activism. Here's the article:

Marian Radetzki, a Jewish economics professor, wants to abolish the Swedish language. “It would have enormous benefits,” he said a few years ago, according to Aftonbladet.

“It would take a couple of generations” to annihilate the Swedish language, he added.

Radetzki proposes replacing the ancient language of the Swedish people in his book, insultingly titled “Sverige, Sverige! Fosterland?” (“Sweden, Sweden! Fatherland?”).

In the book, Radetzki expresses his hatred for his host country. He attacks Sweden’s welfare system, environmental politics, our steel production, our cars, even our pumpernickel bread.

Radetzki, whose parents were in the Warsaw ghetto during World War 2, immigrated to Sweden from Poland as a ten-year-old,

He once forced his doctoral students to only speak and write English.

The professor also wants to destroy the Polish language and practically every other language in the world. This brings to mind Esperanto, the constructed international language made by the Jew L. L. Zamenhof.

Radetzki also suggests cutting the wages of workers with low income.

Unfortunately, the above link doesn't work anymore, and the site has apparently disappeared. I suspect that it's another case of "Oy vey, the goyim know! Shut it down!".