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More National Socialist activism in Virginia.

"It Is No Disgrace to Love Your Race" leaflets were distributed in Isle of Wight County on the evening of May 16. This is the location of a Confederate statue that was removed earlier in the month, said removal being cheered by the Council of American Islamic-Relations.

The distribution was denounced on the local NAACP Facebook page, which was kind enough to reproduce the entire NEW ORDER leaflet, including website and postal addresses. See: Facebook

A short article on the pro-White distribution was subsequently published in the Smithfield Times, here: Neo-Nazi flyer distributed in Smithfield - Smithfield Times | Smithfield Times

We encourage everyone to download and distribute this leaflet, either in color or black and white. See the NEW ORDER Leaflet Library, at The NEW ORDER

NEW ORDER Website:
NS Publications:
VNN National Socialist Union:

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