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I saw Capitol riot coming, says Prince Harry

10 Nov, 2021 14:11

Prince Harry said he saw a coup coming and even warned Twitter’s boss, Jack Dorsey, that his platform was being used to organize an insurrection just a day before the Capitol riot on January 6.

Speaking on a panel called the Internet Lie Machine, organised by Wired magazine, the British royal asserted that he saw the coup coming in the US.

Asked if he had ever spoken to the tech bosses, Prince Harry said he had been in discussion via email with Twitter chief Jack Dorsey prior to the Capitol riot.

“Jack and I were emailing each other prior to January 6, and I warned him that his platform was allowing a coup to be staged. That email was sent the day before and then it happened and I have heard nothing since,” the prince stated.

Harry claimed that Big Tech didn’t want to do anything to tackle misinformation online because in the end it impacts their bottom line.

From the comment section:

Skorzeny44 • 5 minutes ago
Wow, this dude gets more douche-y by the minute... I used to think he was just a little stupid and gullible, but now he is entering into evil territory.
Ann Johns • 13 minutes ago
"Jack and I were emailing" - he's been trying to shut down free speech for a long time, he doesn't think the public should be allowed to say that they don't like him or his mental wife.
Trouliki • an hour ago
The less we hear from Harry the pedo and his african ape maid the better.
oromae • an hour ago • edited
What a total loser. Stay out of America's business and go back to spending all your time trying to placate the prima donna you married, you simp.
7bucks4Photoshop • 2 hours ago
well... he DID tell us he had severe mental health issues... but i didn't think he was this deranged.

this ginger retard makes prince charles look like mensa material.