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Default Michigan, April 30, 2022 / JdF 133

NEW ORDER supporters gathered together in Michigan on April 30 for full day of activities.

At 9:30 am, the National Socialists joined in with other NS comrades around the world to mark the exact moment of Adolf Hitler's death with 88 Seconds of Silence. Shown here: the NEW ORDER supporters salute the Aryan Cross banner at the conclusion of the observation.

That afternoon, they held a flash demonstration. A group of Negroes watched the activity from a safe distance but did not approach the National Socialists. There were no incidents to mar the action.

That evening, formal ceremonies were held marking the National Socialist holiday of "Immolation."

This holy day marks the freewill death of Adolf Hitler in 1945, and by extension the deaths of all the men & women who have given their lives in service of his mighty cause.

(For a complete list of Hitlerian holidays celebrated by the NEW ORDER, see:

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