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Alex Linder

Farnsworth House (Illinois) - designed by Mies van der Rohe

Notice how:

- ugly
- ridiculous
- expensive

this house is. That glass lets in huge amounts of cold in the winter. Higher heating bills. The unpitched, flat roof lets snow build up, leading to water leaks, extensive water damage, soggy messes and huge repair bills. You build flat roofs where it doesn't snow or rain much, not where it does. The stilts? why? This is not a beach house in South Carolina lifting its skirts against the shifting tides, it's a residence in the midwest.

Bauhaus is perversion. Deliberate perversion. Perversion formalized - made into an ideology, and promulgated-promoted through the relevant schools. For not just thoughts and erections sexual can be perverse, which means turned out of normal channels; thoughts and erections architectural can too. Yes, Virginia, there are perverts of construction. Bauhaus wowsers are indeed the other erection perverts.

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