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Yeah, those soulless bauhaus commie-blocks really soddens the landscape.

The only thing worse than the gray, depressing, über-"rational" (communist "rational" that is = not rational at all = they really do suck in every conceivable sense) East-German-looking ones are the modern architecture eye-sores that delivers the same with ten times the pretentiousness and at many times the cost.

We have just had a couple of obnoxious blocks of the latter variety smacked up in the middle of our until now reasonably classy, pleasant, well-balanced city center. Even if you would for a second disregard the hideousness of the buildings themselves: absolutely NO REGARD has been taken for how it fits into the city picture. It just looks unbelievably... stupid. And it reeks of total indifference and sloth, of total disrespect for the most basic common aesthetic sense.

Idiotic on every level - about as reasonable as bringing in hordes of raping, violent, analfabet 70IQ somalians to astronomical costs to a previously white, clean, prosperous, striving society...and both examples tells a lot about the current leadership - and about the mood and the mindset of a demoralized, atomized people that has lost its spirit (and its mind).

I'm going to get a hold of that E.M Jones book.

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