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Originally Posted by MikeTodd View Post
watchoo bea laffin' at, foo'!
Nothing, if I'm watching SNL, which I haven't for 20 years. And don't believe the hype that it was ever particularly funny, and I mean right back to the first show.

That nigger show In Living Color was the most consistently funny comedy show I've ever seen.

SNL is just jew-dirty. That means dirty in a specifically jewy way. Just sort of an unfunny, degenerate sexual way.

Sex is dirty. And it can be dirty and funny. But not the way jews do it. That's one of my biggest beefs with jews; they have ruined good old-fashioned Aryan conceptions of dirtiness, obscenity and irony and replaced them with their shitty, inferior jewdreck. We Aryans have real shit, they just have sheeny-ola.

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