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Originally Posted by Vance Stubbs View Post
Any idea what the difference here is?

I've noticed it too, but I'm not sure how I'd actually describe it besides unfunny and irritating.
Someday when I come across a good example I'll give you thousands of words on it, but right now is not the time. It's more a spiritual thing than anything.

Read Roald Dahl's stories collected in Switch Bitch. That is solid Aryan obscene/dirty/sexual humor.

Contrast with jewdreck in jew Roth's Portnoy's Complaint.

Such a polar disparity in talent and treatment, it's unimaginable. Dahl is a genius; Roth is a shitty jew promoted and celebrated purely by other jews - a man of negligible literary talent.

Thinking about it, two differences are that

- whitedirty doesn't have the political edge jewdirty always does
- whitedirty doesn't deny other motives, whereas jewdirty is always part of an ideology that insists ALL human motives trace back to money or sex

Whitedirty is about what it's about - one aspect of life, and one treatment or attitude within that scope. Jewdirty is an endless agenda-driven unfunny leering - perfectly captured in that horrible female laugh you will hear when watching any SNL show, which is played live. It's like the aural essence of the big-city jew. Others will know what I'm talking about, it's a very specific kind of laugh, utterly jewy. That is the soul of jew dreck-humor, in audible form.

Now that laugh I could write an essay about. Or maybe it's worth a Venn diagram. Its heart is the overlap in circles of cynicism, brazenness, mocking, lying, vileness and ugliness.

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