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Originally Posted by Alex Linder View Post

Opinions vary.
Also sprach Dalton.

I don't see anyone else remotely as talented as Carrey, who can do first-rate faces, impressions, speech-jokes, standup, comic or dramatic acting.
Physical comedy is tough to pull off. John Belushi was great at it. Carrey seems to....push too hard?

It's a matter of taste; I wish it were a matter of science. Anyway, feel free to post a clip of something funnier.
During the recent Polar Vortex (a new buzzword) that turned The Ohio Valley into one huge sagging proverbial witch's teat, I watched a lot of standup specials on Netflix. Dozens of them are listed.

Louis C.K. does a bit on how great it is to be white that drew some awkward laughs. Pretty hot stuff, thought I. If he did that bit 10 years ago they would have ran him off the stage.
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