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Physical comedy is tough to pull off.
Rowan Atkinson was a great one for physical comedy in his day: he's still raking in millions each year from Mr. Bean, since it doesn't need to be translated so it's easy to sell all around the world, because it's universally understandable.

There was an old-time Italian actor by the name of Totó who was brilliant at it: he appeared in literally a hundred movies over his career. I saw a couple on VCR back in the day. I couldn't understand a fucking word (except for the occasional 'prego' and 'scusi' and what-have you), but I was laughing my head off anyway. A case of what someone can do if they're both naturally talented and hard-working.

Wikipedia includes a great description of his style:

a puppet-like, disjointed gesticulation, emphasized facial expressions, and an extreme, sometimes surrealistic, sense of humor, largely based on the emphatization of primitive urges such as hunger and sexual desire.
Again, this is universally understandable stuff.

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