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Originally Posted by joefrombradford View Post

You'd have quadrupled it if you'd had the bottle to stick it on the nose of Winston Churchill, it came in at 3/1.

Ironically, yesterday was the 50th anniversary of his death.
That in itself tells you how Horse Racing is definitely corrupt. The owner and trainer revealed after the race that they had deliberately targeted the race and that this was publicised in the Industry it won by 80 lengths which is ridiculous if one considers the opponents that were all officially rated higher by the Racing Industries own measure.

To win by 80 lengths against such opposition warranted a Stewards Enquiry and an explanation for such an improvement or an explanation from the other horses jockey's and connections for such a dire performance.

None of the Channel four "experts" noted this Anniversary. Yet they waffled on for literally hours about the relative merits of the bookies favourite races at Cheltenham. Races where once the favourite is taken out of the equation any horse in the race can and often does win. Such races while not as obviously bent as the Churchill race are very difficult to decipher between those that this particular race is the "big day" and those that are preparing for March.

Dynaste for example looked starved you could see its entire rib cage yet this obvious deficiency was not noted by a single pundit or commentator. Yet half a million punters had this "favourite" in their acca's at the say so of "Industry experts",Dynaste faded after struggling the entire race. So called animal welfare experts if they had any sense beyond emotion would insist that the weights of National Hunt Horses are monitored - recorded and made public at least an hour prior to any race.

Did I back the double ? Yes on the grounds that Churchill created the mess we are in and I am due compo for suffering it.
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