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Default Jews are happy that it was a jew who brought Prince Harry and part-black Meghan Markle together

Jewish newspapers have bragged about how it was a jewess who brought Prince Harry and the gold-digging, attention-whoring, non-white piece of garbage Meghan Markle together. Here's an example of what I'm talking about:

Meet Misha Nonoo – the Jewish ‘matchmaker’ who brought Harry and Meghan together

When it comes to matchmakers, you can’t do better than those of the Jewish persuasion. (...) Designer Misha Nonoo is the Jewish best friend of Ms Markle, and is said to have introduced the actress to her prince in 2016. (...) Nonoo comes from a influential Bahraini Jewish family. Her aunt Houda Nonoo was the first Jew to be appointed as an ambassador from an Arab country, serving as Bahrain’s envoy to the United States from 2008-2013.

Yeah, great job, Misha. I'm sure that this divorced, non-English, part-black woman will be a perfect addition to the royal family.