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Stewart Meadows

The jew hag Andrea Peyser – who has a sick, burning hatred of white people – thinks it's great that Prince Harry married a non-white woman. Here's what she wrote about the couple in The New York Post:

Harry a true prince for standing up to girlfriend’s sick trolls

Chivalry is not dead. It lives in Britain’s rock-star Prince Harry, who manned up and defended the woman he adores — issuing a first-of-its-kind declaration of war against internet trolls and disgustingly racist, sexist journalists slithering across The Pond. (...) he’s romantically involved with the American TV actress (congratulations, guy!) (...) Some stars and royals crave publicity like oxygen. This pair has done nothing more than fall head over heels for each other. They deserve respect and privacy. Listen to Harry: Leave his girlfriend alone!

And if you think that race has nothing to do with it, take a look at the hate that this truly despicable Peyser character spewed out against William and Kate:

Kate puts on brave face amid tacky spectacle

It was bigger than the Super Bowl and as tacky as a legion of Elvis impersonators. Most of all, it was disturbingly white. Yesterday’s little wedding of William and Kate, a worldwide showcase of dreadful hats, fad diets and an unusually sour, lemon-yellow-clad queen, was designed to prove to the common man that the royals, finally, were down with the people. (...) I saw not a potential queen. Kate bore the look of a lithe human sacrifice. Or was she ready to faint from her starvation diet?

" was disturbingly white..."

It doesn't get any more obvious than this, folks.

Peyser was born to a Jewish family,[1]

Andrea Peyser. "Trust me."