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HBO’s new series ‘The Prince’ is vicious & derivative, but it deservedly cuts the British royal family down to size

Michael McCaffrey is a writer and cultural critic who lives in Los Angeles.

30 Jul, 2021 17:58

Delicate viewers may find it repugnant, but this flawed yet funny show does a respectable job of lampooning Harry, Meghan, the Queen et al. It’s a shame it follows the ‘Family Guy’ formula a little too closely, though.

HBO’s new aggressively irreverent animated series ‘The Prince’, which debuted on HBO Max on July 29, sets its comedy sights on the target-rich environment of the British royal family, and relentlessly fires a ferocious fusillade of mockery at the monarchy.
After watching ‘The Prince’, which savagely lampoons all of the royals, I don’t think that deferential gesture will ease any hurt feelings among the Windsors.

The show’s caricatures of the royals are relentless and vicious. For instance, the Queen is a cruel, foul-mouthed, farting crime boss, and Prince Philip a decrepit near-cadaver.

Prince Charles is a spineless, big-eared, mealy mouthed coward who berates his bride Camilla, a horse-faced mute, to get in the good graces of his mother.

Prince William and his wine-hound wife Kate are absolutely miserable and headed for divorce, are indifferent parents, and are incapable of doing even the most intimate of things without servants.

Speaking of servants, all of the royals are absolutely brutal towards ‘the help’. This is best portrayed by the devoted butler Owen (Alan Cumming), a sad-sack widower, and the two gay butlers, all of whom must delicately navigate the ever-shifting minefield of the monarchy or else find themselves fired… or worse.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are two of the more hysterical portrayals on the show, maybe because the caricatures of them seem more realistic due to their being such cartoonish people in real life.