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‘Eco-warriors Meghan and Harry’ in hot water for flying private jet… though some wonder how it’s newsworthy

27 Sep, 2021 10:12

British tabloids and their readers wasted no time lashing out at the rogue royal couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, for using a private jet to return to their home in California after a grand tour to New York.

The two were caught by a paparazzo after touching down on Saturday night at a private airport in Santa Barbara, California to reunite with their children. They spent the previous three days in New York, attending several public events and meeting important people. The photos were first printed by The Daily Mail, with other tabloids soon catching on to the story.

The duke and duchess of Sussex are vocal advocates of reducing human impact on the climate, so their greenhouse-gas-pumping air-travel habits have long been a matter of controversy.

Nudged by the latest coverage of the power couple’s lifestyle, a lot of people were upset about what they perceived as the sheer hypocrisy of the preachy elites, who stick to their private jets and other privileges while telling the masses to take personal responsibility for climate change.

From the comment section:

Ann Johns • 3 minutes ago
Boo hoo Daddy cut me off, I'm down to my last 50 mill. They are forced to borrow the private planes of rich people, they can't afford one of their own.
Paul Kendall • an hour ago
Will this pair of CRETINS just go away. Nobody cares about them or the noise they create.
Mechyuda • 4 hours ago • edited
The supposedly superior values of the Zionist West are based on double standards, cherry-picked partial truths mixed w/ lies, total lies crossdressing as the ultimate truth, politically correct censorship, and other pretentious scams. Of course, the Zionist West pretends these scams are marketing, press relations, public relations, communication studies, advertisements, brand names, free speech, free press, artistic expression, and other euphemisms. Then the Zionist West wonders why it has declining credibility around the world.
Stuart Estrine • 5 hours ago
World class grifters scamming the marks.
David • 5 hours ago
It's newsworthy because we need to be kept informed of the elitist hypocrisy.