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Originally Posted by Major Sharpe View Post
No one in the 20th century ever could've guessed that the richest man in the US - as well as the world - would turn out to be an African-American.
He isn't.

My grandfather is actually an american from Minnesota, and my mom was born in Canada

My grandfather moved with all his kids nd my mom to South Africa
And on the dad side which is equally fascinating:

Harry Musk 1863-1917 - Ancestry® › harry-musk-24-3fpz36k
Born in Exning, Suffolk, England on 13 Sep 1863 to William Exning Bridgeman and Eliza Musk. Harry Musk married Lucy Frances Champion and had 6 children.

Also his mom's name, Haldeman.

The name Haldeman comes from Oldham, in Lancashire. This was a town near the city of Manchester; it has since been absorbed by that city. The place-name Oldham is derived from the Old English elements old, which means old, and ham, which means farm.

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