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Kremlin discusses potential Putin-Musk meeting

17 Dec, 2021 17:10 / Updated 4 hours ago

Russian President Vladimir Putin and South African-born billionaire Elon Musk could have a long-awaited meeting if the world's richest man steps up and develops business interests in the country, the Kremlin has indicated.

Speaking to journalists on Friday, Putin’s press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, said that the president has always been interested in meeting with foreigners who are keen to invest in Russia, adding that this could include Musk.

“Without a doubt, the president is open to discussions with foreign businessmen,” Peskov explained. “There are regular discussions, practically every year, with French entrepreneurs, Germans, those with a large presence in our market. You and I know that Elon Musk isn’t in our market, but we hope that with time, he will become interested in it. And then, a meeting with the president isn’t out of the question.”