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Originally Posted by ulsterpatriot View Post
Volksverzet seem well organised and ideologically sounds, are you involved Johan?

I visited Amsterdam a few years ago, it was akin to a Pakistani city and the red light district contained low grade whores to the extent of us enquiring in an Irish bar were there two red light districts and possibly wed ambled in to the bargain basement section.
I am not on the board and I am not a member of it. Given my age, that's better, I'm in a different kind of group.

I'll try to explain it to you, in the past we had all kinds of groups in the Netherlands (each went his own way).

What we are doing now is working locally, involving the youth (training and education form the basis).

In addition, work is being done on the appearance, so that things can be conveyed in a positive way. In the past, many people dropped out (the appearances were too intense), and the battle between the mutual groups was great.

Now we are focused on connecting the mutual groups, and ensuring a positive presentation (think of me as the concierge in the whole).

Here are some pictures from the past, this doesn't work at the moment, (It was the basis from which we now work, to grow and reach more people).