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Meghan Markle suggests rallying with Gloria Steinem to back ERA

By Mark Moore
June 29, 2022

​Meghan Markle, who said she and Prince Harry had a “guttural” reaction to Roe v. Wade being struck down by the Supreme Court, suggested in a recent interview that she might soon travel to Washington to rally support for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Markle — who reportedly has expressed political ambitions, including running to become the first female president — talked with feminist icon Gloria Steinem in Vogue about the Supreme Court’s decision and the future of the ERA.

Steinem talked about the need to get Americans to the polls to elect pro-choice candidates, saying “we can make clear that reproductive freedom is a fundamental right like freedom of speech.”

“It’s a much larger conversation about why for years, for decades, we’re fighting to get a constitutional amendment put through [the Equal Rights Amendment] that makes it clear that women can be treated equally, and how it is completely nonsensical that that’s even something we’re still fighting for,”​ the Duchess of Sussex responded.