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Originally Posted by Emily Henderson View Post
Well, shithead--you are on a site that very much thinks in terms of 'White' and 'Non-White'.

You have the honor of being my first 'ignore'.
No you couln't handle me debunking the nonsense you where posting.

This white vs nonwhite nonsense tends to attract the worst among the whites such as don black. White nationalism goes against human nature which explins why it fails everywhere, humans are naturally tribalistic, not nationalistic.

I have seen many forms of communities where people share a common goal and identity, this is what actually work, tryinf to unite all 'white' (whatever that is) people will never work and we should not try to do that.

Dating down to unattrative females is common among nordic males that get rejected by nordic females, nordic males are generally very attractive and can have success just by even moving to a slavic country.