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Originally Posted by MikeTodd View Post
I never knew there was a name for it (Bauhaus) but virtually every synagogue I've ever seen has been in that same insufferably modern stack-o-Legos style.
I thought it was merely reflective of the jews lack of taste and imagination.
I've got to write a review of the Jones book. I swear we've gone over this before, but a quick search didn't reveal much other than a jewed-architecture thread, very few posts.

Thought up a neologism for this perversion: cogitechture. The cog (cahj and cog) serves dual purpose of emphasize this is stuff that, as opposed to being a rational reaction to the natural circumstances in which the building will be located (igloo for iceland, or cabana for beach), and the human needs the building will serve, it is a purely ideological head-construct, in which those two traditional considerations are ignored. People become not what they are, but what the architect things they should be - cogs. In his leftist jewish ideology, people don't aspire or admire, they just eat and shit and work. Hence, the flat roof as perhaps the most significant element of bauhaus: against all beauty, against all aspiration. Think of things that stretch up, like cathedral spires, erect penises, bursting with new life, the Eiffel Tower, the space rocket taking off - nothing of that. Just flat roof. Don't get any ideas above your station, buster. Yours is to report to your cubbyhole like a good little pigeon.