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There also once was a problem with a potato-beetle plague in the former "German Democratic Republic" ( = neighbour of West Germany)

The German Democratic Republic had to suffer severely under that potato-beetle plague . .

Of course , its leadership immediately went as far as to blame "the imperialist West" for alledgedly "artificially installing that potato-beetle to destroy the GDR from within".

You know . . . alledgedly 'the potato-beetle had been bred in CIA-labs, installed in the GDR to 'destroy socialism'' . .

You know , if there was one thing the Communists truly were good at , it was lying.

That already started with the name 'German Democratic Republic' . . Neither German nor democratic nor republic . . . It was the Bolshevik-occupied one-party-dictatorship on German ground . . .

And after all . . the so called Cold War was nothing but a game . .