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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

What's common and wrong with upper-middle-class people, perhaps it goes for whites in general, is a too deep belief in universal fairness and the paste jewels of respectability, responsibility, fairness and the rest. These aren't bad things, but they are neither as broad nor as deep as whites imagine. Their failure to grasp this is related to the universalist fantasy sprung on them by their insane religion.

Michael Vick is not a bad man who did bad things. He's a perfectly ordinary nigger.

Your average white person is incapable of perceiving this on his own, just as the fish doesn't know from water.

Look around, and you'll see a version of this mistake everywhere. What the white middle-class man thinks are UNIVERSAL standards are actually WHITE standards. This is why the leftists like Valdez actually help us when the blather about white privilege and white standards vs nigger ways of doing things, as we see in corporate diversity seminars and in the pseudo-academic field of 'Whiteness studies.'

The general rule that matters politically is that anything that insists on White DIFFERENCE, white uniqueness, HELPS our cause. Even if that DIFFERENCE is presented as a negative. I once coined a word that fits here: uniquity, jamword of unique and iniquity. Unique evil. adj. uniquitous. Whites are uniquitous because...I'll let our li'l helper Paldez fill in the blank.

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