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Alex Linder
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Alex Linder

spate (just a powerful simple noble righteous useful word, very easy to type too, which is an underrated word-virtue)
morontsia (is the opposite of...)
intelligentsia (the rare english word of russian origin)
arrant (means about what it sounds like, a good sort of hamburger helper word when you're setting up a power combo to take down some particular ignoramus' nostrum)
nescience (beautiful word, amost never seen in public, like an aging movie star; can be applied to anything someone thinks is true that aint, and, like arrant, useful in adjectival form, nescient, to pair with nonsense, nostrums, other 'n' words or nouns; truly a gem of a word, should be better known and more used)
arduous (average vocabulary book work, hence its inclusion; solid, unflashy word that can sub for many others, depending on your sound and syllable needs)
stridulate (it is always fruitful to compare your enemies to animals, and the best animals to compare them to are always found to be insects. insects have unique body parts and make unique noises represented by unique verbs like stridulate, a noise crickets make by rubbing their legs together. again, the only problem is that maybe 1/100 people knows what stridulate means, hence they miss the pleasure laughter provides when you use it.)