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As for 'big words' that are related to the usage of big words:


'Sesquipedalian' (try working that into a smug text) I confess to stumbling across that one recently, and would be completely uncomfortable with its usage

And a word which describes some of the overeducated posers that repelled me as a teenager



'Importunate' In a sense this means asking a lot of questions

'Persiflage' This means banter

If I wished to describe my present state as characterised by my lack of means

'Pertinacious' Holding steadfast to a purpose


An excellent textbook for writing style is The Elements Of Style by William Stunk Jr. and E.B. White.

Indeed, in that book, it is argued that the appropriateness of the usage of a word can be compared in value to money. For instance, don't use a hundred-dollar word when a ten-cent word will suffice.

And sorry about that image, I didn't think it'd run so big.

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