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Diplomat gagged over Kosovo organ sale claim

Switzerland has gagged one its Ambassadors from promoting a controversial new book about war crimes in the former Yugoslavia. Carla Del Ponte, who prosecuted crimes at The Hague, claims some current Kosovo leaders once sold vital organs from Serb prisoners.

Switzerland says Del Ponte role as Ambassador to Argentina will not complement any promotion campaign.
The book, "The Hunt: Me and War Criminals", was due to be launched in Milan.
It details atrocities committed by Albanians against Kosovo Serbs in the late 1990s and says that some of those currently in power in Kosovo made money selling Serb organs.

ZOG wants to sweep this one under the rug

"Carla del Ponte's book on her work as chief prosecutor of the Hague tribunal contains statements which are impermissible for a representative of the government of Switzerland," said department spokesman, Jean-Philippe Jeannerat.

"Any public presentation of this work is incompatible with the author's status of Swiss ambassador," the department said in a statement.

"We thank her [Del Ponte] for a rapid return to Argentina," the statement added.,,
Swiss and Serbian commentators said Del Ponte's disclosures were embarrassing to the Berne government, because Switzerland was among the first countries that recognised Kosovo independence in February and opened an embassy in Pristina last week.

The Kosovo Liberation Army's veteran leader, Hashim Thaci, now Kosovo's prime minister, in the mid-1990s spent time in Switzerland, a centre for radical Albanian emigre circles, where he mysteriously acquired funds for the KLA.
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